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Original Apple parts, Continuous training, Audited service technicians.

What is APPLE IRP?

Apple has allowed partners with a contract to purchase factory parts and perform out-of-warranty service with them. The services contracted in this way are called Independent Repair Providers (IRP).

Faulty Apple Products

Original Part Replacement

Apple Quality

Why should a faulty device be repaired in an IRP-certified service center?

Unopened, original parts received directly from Apple are installed, which guarantee proper operation.

Our service is in constant contact with Apple, we order our factory-quality parts directly from Apple, but we do not carry out warranty repairs. In order to provide quality service, our service center has the same access to diagnostic tools, and technician training used by Apple as the service centers performing warranty repairs.

  • Compliance with manufacturer's specifications.
  • Qualified technicians.
  • Help with settings.
  • Original Parts Background.
  • Manufacturer diagnostics.
  • Warranty.

What is the difference between ORG and OEM parts?

ORG parts are factory parts ordered directly from Apple's production line, which undergo rigorous inspection before delivery. The disadvantage compared to OEM parts is the occasional slower delivery time.

OEM parts are also Apple factory parts, but they can also be obtained from third parties. Their quality is the same as ORG parts, but Apple does not test them before delivery, so there may be scrap parts.

  • Component Test.
  • Constant Quality.
  • Guaranteed Quality and Operation.

Services that we can provide to our customers as an Apple IRP

Iphone | Imac | MacBook | Ipad

We will do our best to service your devices as conveniently and quickly as possible.

Device Inspection

The inspection is carried out using Apple's factory diagnostic software.

Apple Parts

Only original Apple components are installed.

Qualified Technicians

Servicing is carried out by professionals who have completed the Apple Technician training.

Device Faults

Have you detected an error in your device? Couldn't set up your device according to the user guide? Or is it just not working the way you want it to? Contact our Customer Service with confidence.

Software Repairs

We undertake the setup, repair, replacement and reinstallation of operating systems for all Apple products.