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Our Store / Pick-up point SDH NATIONAL SERVICE CENTER is located behind the bus station in Veszprém.

Personal Customer Reception

If you want to visit us in person at our store, you can always do so during business hours. Please note that we cannot fix all errors immediately. Please be patient, we will devote as much time to you as we can to provide meaningful help in case of a specific question, assistance, or device failure.

In-Warranty Service

In all cases, we require the device itself and the device's accessories (Charger in case of charging problem), if possible. Invoice, valid warranty card is also mandatory. In addition to these, if possible, the device should be delivered in its own box. (The device may be damaged during transport)


You can ask for our services in person or by a service courier. Detailed information on these options can be found at our FAQ page.

Phone Contact

Before contacting us by phone, please note that you can reach our customer service during working hours. Our customer service is extremely busy. In many cases, we are unable to answer your call. Please don't call us one after another. We will call everyone back in order, as time and opportunity allow. Thank you for your understanding.


8200 Veszprém Jutasi u. 3.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 08:00-18:00 | SAT: 08:00-12:00
Sunday: CLOSED

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Important Questions and Answers


Please Read Before Sending a Message

We respectfully ask all our visitors to consider the following before sending a message:
  • Enter exact contact information. (Phone number, Email address)
  • In the case of service-related questions, describe your error precisely and with appropriate examples.
  • Before sending a message regarding an error, please consult our FAQ and the Service Page
  • Please note that due to the busy schedule of our colleagues, there is limited time available to answer messages.
  • We respond to all messages as quickly as possible.

In-Warranty Service

Warranty administration in brief If the device breaks down during intended use, it is possible to repair it free of charge within the warranty period. If the device has suffered any kind of physical or mechanical damage, the manufacturer has the right to reject the warranty of the device. Such physical damage is, for example, broken display and back panel, broken charging connector, soaking (even for waterproof devices), etc. For warranty administration, you definitely need the invoice or warranty card for the device and, of course, the device. In case of charging problems, the manufacturer also requires the return of the original charger.

IMPORTANT: During an In-Warranty Repair USER DATA will be deleted!

You can find more information in our Blog-Post about In-Warranty repair  

In-Warranty devices that can be returned to our service: Brands distributed by Hungaroflotta, brands that can be repaired by TMX under warranty, etc.


Liquid spilled on your appliance? Do this now!

  If liquid gets on your device, do the following.
  • Only touch it if it doesn't jolt!
  • If there is even the slightest suspicion that the device is jolting, before touching it, press the appropriate circuit breaker in the building or room in which it is operated.
  • If you don't know what to do exactly for a power cut, ask for help! Do not attempt to repair or disconnect your device without proper knowledge!
  • Turn off the device immediately if you are sure it is safe to do so!
  • If possible, remove the battery.
  • Do not try to switch on the device until it has been checked and repaired by a service center!
  • After safety, speed is the most important thing! Send your soaked device to our service as soon as possible! Every minute counts!
  • Tell us exactly what the device fell into, what caused it, and how it got moisture. (a device dropped in the toilet is not embarrassing!) .
Unnecessary things that do not solve anything:
  • Drying in rice.
  • Sunbathing
  • Putting the device into the oven.
  • Other folk remedies.
What can help:
  • Take it out of the liquid immediately if you haven't already.
  • Shake off, wipe, drain the liquid.
  • Drying between 20 and 80 °C until the device is serviced.