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In-Warranty Service

Warranty administration in brief If the device breaks down during intended use, it is possible to repair it free of charge within the warranty period. If the device has suffered any kind of physical or mechanical damage, the manufacturer has the right to reject the warranty of the device. Such physical damage is, for example, broken display and back panel, broken charging connector, soaking (even for waterproof devices), etc. For warranty administration, you definitely need the invoice or warranty card for the device and, of course, the device. In case of charging problems, the manufacturer also requires the return of the original charger.

IMPORTANT: During an In-Warranty Repair USER DATA will be deleted!

You can find more information in our Blog-Post about In-Warranty repair  

In-Warranty devices that can be returned to our service: Brands distributed by Hungaroflotta, brands that can be repaired by TMX under warranty, etc.

Problems During Call

  Sound problems during a phone call are not always caused by a malfunction of the microphone/speaker. For starters, it is worth trying the following methods.    
  • Replace your SIM Card

A common error is that the SIM card used in the device is old or too scratched. This can also negatively affect calls and internet connection. The replacement of the SIM card can be requested free of charge at all service providers in Hungary. It is recommended to replace the card every 3-4 years, even if it is not usually removed from the device.

  • Disable VoLTE

Newer devices (purchased after around 2018) already have the Voice Over LTE service, VoLTE for short. If it is switched on, the device also uses the 4G mobile internet in order to improve the quality of voice calls. Unfortunately, in this case, the voice call is more affected by the coverage, the speed and availability of the mobile internet. The error can often occur that the user's voice is heard from a "bucket or tunnel". In this case, it is worth turning off the service. Vodefone and Telenor customers can request this in person or via the telephone customer service. In the case of a Telekom SIM, the service can also be turned off manually in the Settings -> Mobile Internet menu item (for some manufacturers, under the SIM card management menu item).

    If the error persists, it is worth checking and replacing the speaker/microphone of the device.

Please Read Before Sending a Message

We respectfully ask all our visitors to consider the following before sending a message:
  • Enter exact contact information. (Phone number, Email address)
  • In the case of service-related questions, describe your error precisely and with appropriate examples.
  • Before sending a message regarding an error, please consult our FAQ and the Service Page
  • Please note that due to the busy schedule of our colleagues, there is limited time available to answer messages.
  • We respond to all messages as quickly as possible.

Viruses and Cleaning Programs

In computer technology, we often encounter viruses, anti-viruses and cleaning programs. These programs are essential for the safe use of a computer, and their use is recommended in all cases, but the situation is quite different with smartphones and tablets. These devices can also become infected, but in most cases this is caused by just an application or plugin that displays advertisements. Most smartphones and tablets have a built-in antivirus (usually under Settings -> Security/Protection). Using a free third-party antiviruses or cleaning programs are not recommended. Such programs often send false alarms, many of them are "viruses" in themselves, they do not provide substantial protection, they only slow down the device and constantly bombard the user with advertisements. Virus infection can be easily prevented if users pay attention to what they installs on their devices and what advertisements they click on while browsing the Internet. IMPORTANT: This article does not claim that your device cannot get a virus. If you feel that any unwanted malware has been installed on your device, feel free to contact our specialist service.

Liquid spilled on your appliance? Do this now!

  If liquid gets on your device, do the following.
  • Only touch it if it doesn't jolt!
  • If there is even the slightest suspicion that the device is jolting, before touching it, press the appropriate circuit breaker in the building or room in which it is operated.
  • If you don't know what to do exactly for a power cut, ask for help! Do not attempt to repair or disconnect your device without proper knowledge!
  • Turn off the device immediately if you are sure it is safe to do so!
  • If possible, remove the battery.
  • Do not try to switch on the device until it has been checked and repaired by a service center!
  • After safety, speed is the most important thing! Send your soaked device to our service as soon as possible! Every minute counts!
  • Tell us exactly what the device fell into, what caused it, and how it got moisture. (a device dropped in the toilet is not embarrassing!) .
Unnecessary things that do not solve anything:
  • Drying in rice.
  • Sunbathing
  • Putting the device into the oven.
  • Other folk remedies.
What can help:
  • Take it out of the liquid immediately if you haven't already.
  • Shake off, wipe, drain the liquid.
  • Drying between 20 and 80 °C until the device is serviced.

How to properly describe a malfunction as a layman?

  No one is born an electrical technician or engineer. In the event that we are not sufficiently experienced in the nature of a particular failure, or we do not know exactly what to tell the specialists before a preliminary failure investigation, the answers to a few examples below will greatly help to detect the failure.  
  • Describe the error you notice in precise terms "even in kitchen language".
  • When was the last time you did a software update?
  • When did you last restart the device?
  • Did your device charged properly?
  • When did you first experienced the fault?
  • Were there any strange recurring "old" anomalies or errors before the current problem occurred?
  • Have you tried to repair the device in any way and how?
  • Did you try to install new software before the error occurred?
  • How did you try to restart the device?
In case of physical damage and possible hardware problems:  
  • How did the damage occur?
  • Did or could liquid get into the device?
  • Did the device have any previous faults?
  • Have you tried to repair, restart, turn on the device, if so, in what way, how?
  • Miután tönkrement az eszköz valamennyire működött még? Ekkor pontosan mit tapasztalt?
  • How much time passed between the failure and the current time?
  • Was there an electrical problem where you operated the device? (Overvoltage, lightning, storm, power surge, etc.)
  • Was there adequate current in the particular wall outlet from which you operated or tested the device?
  • Does the device jolt, is it considered dangerous, causing injury, damage to the environment, etc. are you experiencing a problem?
*We have compiled the list of questions for all electronic devices.

Cloud storage and Memory card

Today's smartphones are already capable of storing a lot of data, the existence and availability of which can often be important to us. Since the lifespan of electronic devices aren't infinite, it is recommended to use cloud storage and/or a memory card to preserve our data.
Memory Card:
  • Can be used on most phones, tablets and other devices;
  • It can store pictures, music, videos, contacts and documents;
  • When transferred to another device, our saved data becomes immediately accessible;
  • A complete backup can be made with Samsung smartphones;
When buying a memory card, it's worth checking the maximum storage your device can handle.
Cloud Storage:
  • It can be used and accessed on all smart devices after logging in;
  • There are several hosting providers to choose from, each of which provides a finite amount of free hosting;
  • Suitable for backing up all data on the device;
  • It can be expanded with a monthly or annual subscription, up to several Terabytes;
  • It significantly facilitates moving to newly purchased devices;
  • An internet connection is required to access and upload data stored in the cloud;
In order to use cloud storage, you MUST have a USERNAME (sometimes an e-mail address) and a PASSWORD for the storage.

Turn TalkBack on and off

Option 1: Press and hold both volume buttons

TalkBack can be turned on or off using the volume keys.
  1. On the side of the device, find the two volume buttons.
  2. Press and hold both volume buttons for three seconds (duration may vary by manufacturer).
  3. Press both volume buttons again for three seconds to confirm power on or off.
    • The volume button shortcut will only work if you have enabled it.

Option 2: Within the device settings

The TalkBack function can also be turned off in the settings. Important: If the TalkBack function is on, you need to double-tap instead of one-tap to activate it, the screen can be scrolled with TWO FINGERS.
  1. On your device, open Settings Beállítások alkalmazás application.
  2. Choose Accessibility options majd TalkBack menu.
  3. Turn on or off the use TalkBack option.
  4. Press OK to confirm

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